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    Event Information

    Friday, April 12, 2024

    Bib Pick Up/Registration/Packet Pick-Up

    The Joint Force Training Base in Los Alamitos (11206 Lexington Dr, Los Alamitos Ca, 90720)

    3:00 pm - 7:00 pm


    Saturday, April 13, 2024

    5:30 am - Bib Pick Up/Registration/Packet Pick-Up

    5:30 am - Transition Area Open

    7:00 am - Reverse Triathlon Wave 1 starts

    7:15 am - 5k Run/Walk start

    8:30 am - Reverse Triathlon Wave 2 start





    1. The first wave begins at 7:00 a.m. for participants (men and women) with a finishing time of 1 hour and 30 minutes or below and relay teams.
    2. The second wave begins at 8:30 a.m. and includes participants (men and women) with a finish time of over 1 hour and 30 minutes, Athena, Clydesdale, and Challenged Athletes divisions.
    3. For the Reverse Triathlon, both waves 1 & 2 will have age division awards, and only overall top three male and female finishers and Relay Teams will qualify to win overall awards in wave 1 (competing under 1 hour and 30 minutes).
    4. Participants in wave 2 are NOT eligible for overall awards.
    5. Each person/relay will complete a 5K Run, 13.1 Mile Bike, and 200-meter pool swim.
    6. During the run, all runners must stay on the right side of the cones.
    7. The bike will do 2 laps around the runways and will stay on the left side of the cones.
    8. On the 2nd lap, you will turn right to return to the transition area
    9. All athletes are required to wear race numbers and chips at all times during the race. If you are a part of a relay team, the chip must be passed to the next member at their designated transition are (Race bib from runner to biker)
    10. All personal equipment and belongings taken out of the course must stay with the athlete the entire time. No garbage, clothing, etc. shall be thrown on the course
    11. There are speed bumps on the road when leaving and returning to the transition area between the bike and run segments.
    12. Be safe, courteous, kind to each other, and HAVE FUN! Let spectators (family and friends) know to stay off the course for their safety and your own safety
    13. Make sure when you return to the transition area after the swim, you keep your bib number or have your body marking number in order for it to match the bike number so you can remove your bike from the transition area
    14. No E-Bike allowed in the triathlon or on the Joint Forces Training Base.
    15. No flotation devices are allowed during the swimming portion of the triathlon


    1. There is a mandatory meeting 30 minutes prior to each Triathlon wave held in the transition area.
    2. You should have your bib out and present it to security as you enter the Transition Area.
    3. Only athletes are allowed in the Transition area.
    4. No glass in the transition area
    5. No riding your bike in the transition area
    6. Your helmet must be buckled prior to mounting the bicycle
    7. There is a bike mount area and when you return from the bike, you must dismount off your bike before you enter the transition area
    8. All equipment must be placed in the properly designated and individually assigned bike corral
    9. The wheel of the bike must be placed down on the side of the assigned space
    10. All participants must return their bicycles to an upright position in their designated bicycle corral.
    11. No drafting ( closer than 3 bike lengths behind another rider)
    12. No blocking ( not riding to the right and preventing another rider from passing on the left)
    13. No AirPods/headphone usage during the event
    14. No diving into the pool – feet first entry only
    15. No pulling yourself along the lane lines or the wall
    16. You must touch the walls of the pool when making turns for each lap
    17. If you need lifeguard assistance, you will be removed from the pool and DQ’ed from the event
    18. No flotation devices/assistance or fins are allowed in the pool
    19. No pets are allowed on the base (service animals are allowed)
    20. In the transition area, bike racks will be assigned by age group category, special category, and relay teams.
    21. Relay teams will have their own area to tag off each member
    22. Transition are will open at 5:30 a.m.
    23. The transition area closes at 12:00 p.m.
    24. All items must be removed prior to 12:00 p.m.
    25. Make sure when you return to the transition area after the swim, you keep your bib number or have your body marking number in order for it to match the bike number so you can remove your bike from the transition area


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